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Joint replacement surgery India – Can it be a long term solution?

The hectic lifestyle of present times has given rise to increasing number of health problems. This combined with poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity has resulted in increase in joint related problems. The joints in the body are prone to wear tear due to their usage. However with persistent deterioration the pain may become unbearable. Patients may also find that their movement becomes limited due to joint related problems. In such cases traditional forms of treatment do not work and patients have to opt for surgical treatments such as joint replacement.

How can joint replacement procedures help patients?

Joint replacement surgery is basically a procedure wherein joints like hip as well as knee are replaced with artificial items known as prosthesis. These parts are composed of special materials that are accepted by the body. This revolutionary surgery allows patients to successfully resume normal life. Not only does it eliminate pain but also ensures that patients can resume normal activity. While this surgery can be performed on all joint areas, hip and knee are the two areas that are most often replaced. Initially this surgery used to be rather expensive and invasive. However with technological developments this surgery can now be done in a minimally invasive manner, through a smaller incision. Patients can be ensured of greater safety, less possibility of infection and faster recovery.

Over the past few decades India has made rapid strides in medical areas. With improved infrastructure India has seen emergence of multiple hospitals that have state of art equipment and knowledgable professionals providing treatment options. With the emergence of super speciality hospitals providing Joint replacement surgery India has become a preferred destination for these kinds of speciality treatments. Many of these hospitals have doctors that are specially trained in joint replacement procedures. Not only do these doctors have experience in using the latest equipment and techniques but they also have multiple years of experience in successfully conducting these surgeries. Many of these doctors are also internationally trained in joint replacement procedures. The hospitals not only promise world class infrastructure but they also follow international standards with respect to treatment and medical care.

Meditrina Hospital Nagpur is one of the leading hospitals specializing in this surgery. With the advancement of technology surgeons can now depend on computer assisted surgery options to ensure that the surgery is accurately performed. It is also difficult for patients in western countries to get immediate appointments with physicians and surgeons of their choice. This is largely because patients have to bear with long waiting times. However in case of Indian hospitals it is extremely easy to get immediate appointments with doctors. The cost of this surgery is also lower compared to the surgery cost in western countries. Not only is this surgery completed in a short period of time but patients can also enjoy quick recovery period. In fact patients can resume their normal life in just 15 days following the surgery.

Joint replacement surgery hospital India ensures that patients are guaranteed of exceptional treatment and complete support. This ensures that the treatment as well as recovery process is exceptionally smooth. With support and guidance at every step of the way patients can be assured of personalized attention.

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